Monday, October 31, 2011

The elegant, original stiff clutch by Stella McCartney

stella-mccartney-colette-model stella-mccartney-colette

Stella McCartney has created elegant and original clutch incorporated in the autumn / winter 2011-2012. This is the Colette, the two-tone Oval and Round plexiglass boxes, each one more beautiful than the other. The very stiff clutch bags are among the most popular models of the season and are an accessory that I love in a special way, because I think for the most part very unique and chic. These are by far the McCartney one of the most beautiful around, even if their prices are, alas, very high, but we take care of this later. First and foremost, the Colette, a square dots in relief and gilt trim.
The Colette, as the other clutch is made of black plexiglass. The fashion of this meterial broke out after the success of Pandora mini bags of Charlotte Olympia proposal for several seasons in various colors and decorations, including the latest with feathers.
We continue with the other two creations badged star, an oval and the other perfectly round. The first, white, has a more minimal design, embellished only by golden details, and we had already hit during the parade of British designer Paris last March. Of great impact, the Round plexiglass box clutch bag is the perfect cocktail hour and a combined total white outfits to perfection. Finally, the two-tone Oval, as the name pressed, hides a surprise: it's blue on one side and green on the other, while the finishing side is golden here.
We will now see the cost of these wonders: 1,645 euros Colette, 1,385 euros Oval Two-tone and 1,195 euros Round plexiglass box clutch

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