Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No third film Sex and the City

If you had your mouth watering in being aware of the possibility of seeing the film the third chapter of Sex and the City, might pass. It seems that the famous saying "there is no two without three, this time cannot be applied. Producers, according to rumors in recent days, were in fact given to turn the third installment of the television adventures of four friends in New York. But don't worry, we do not leave to dry mouth. It seems that the project has been abandoned for a third film, but it is their intention to create a new television season. Best feature film or a new series?

The news of the third film dedicated to Sex and the City had sent in Ecstasy the network. After the first chapter of the saga, a really huge success, it was the time of the sequel, which actually had a little bit disappointed expectations, although the fans of the television series have had the same between situations definitely surreal look to scream.

He also said who would have played the roles of the young stars of Sex and the City, here to deny the news. The third film will not, even if the admirers of Carrie and her friends can refer with the seventh season of the television series. The Daily Mail, was unveiled that will begin filming.

No film, but a go-ahead television series, much less risky. We can admire, new major episodes, what's going on in the lives is always gesture of Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones. Sarah Jessica Parker has already given its approval. And the other? Come on, please, say yes!

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